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         Founded in 1999, our factory is a professional enterprise specialized in the production of automobile alternators and starters with advanced science and technology. Our factory is located in Shicun Economic & technological Development Area of Hejian, with an area of 10000 square meters. We are only 3000 meters away from Cangbao Speedway. Our company enjoys excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. Our company mainly produces all kinds of automotive starters and alternators, and the product varieties are more than 280 kinds. 

         Our products are mainly used in Japan and America. Our factory imported foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment and selected modernized scientific management methods and brand-new management ideas. Our sales network spreads to the most of the cities in China as well as other countries and regions. At the same time, we will continue working towards providing more convenient, more efficient and better quality services for dear customers. 
         The product quality is the corporate image and brand effect is the scale basis. Our factory is willing to cooperate with friends from all sectors of society to seek common development and create a bright future.


      0317-3671655 3677655

      Shicun Industrial Dist Area.Hejian City,Hebei Province.China
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